Take Responsibility for Your Own Health - Nobody Else Will!

Health Is a Process - and YOU are responsible for your health!

Health is a process, not an event. When you change your thinking from "I am NOW healthy" or "I need to GET healthy" to "I am in the PROCESS of improving and maintaining my health," a number of things occur:

First...you must realize that time and effort is involved. Health does not just happen. You are inescapably responsible for your own health. You must allocate the time and make the effort to achieve your goal!

Second..., health is a process that allows you to live life! The process allows you to live the lifestyle that allows ultimate health! Your goal must be: "health is a daily objective."

Finally...you recognize the "health process" has a large number of variables. There is not a pill for it, nor is there a magic exercise device, or a screening exam, or a hormone, or a specialist. The process is multifaceted and involves a number of variables. These range from the obvious nutritional and exercise variables, to family issues, emotional well being, personal medical history and day-to-day events.

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Get involved in your health and live longer, and more productive life.

Remember that doctors have been trained to take care of sick people, not healthy ones. It is easier to let your doctor take care of you, but it is not safer. Individuals who take responsibility and get involved in their health and well-being are the people who live longer, and more productive lives.

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